Personalize the diagnosis and management of your patients with objective data

Connected solution for urinary analysis for accurate, instantaneous and regular monitoring

Digital therapy daily...

Iki is committed to putting patients at the heart of their own care. To do this, we give you a tool that allows you to take control of your health by improving your lifestyle in an effective and personalized way.

For dietary support at every stage of your healtcare path...

Quality of life

Discover Uriki® !

A simple and intuitive medical device

  • Connected reader analyzes 10 biomarkers simultaneously in just a few minutes
  • Urinary cartridges adapted to your pathology


  • Mobile application for contextualization and results visualization


  • Secure data transmission and hosting (HDS certified server, RGPD)

IKI supports patients in their treatment process

Uriki® lets you...
  • Receive personalized advice based on analysis results,
  • Observe the effects of your eating habits,
  • Personalize your care pathway throughout the duration of your treatment.
Rely on regular and objective data instead of declarative and punctual data.

Several types of markers developed in collaboration with health professionals

For the nutrition and the diagnostic…


Nutrition for nephroprotection

Complying with nutritional prescriptions is a key factor in slowing the effects of kidney diseases

In medical and dietetic care, it is essential to have access to nutritional indicators in addition to existing methods

Device designed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in medical instrumentation

Stéphane Lebrun


Jean-Christophe Cau


Caroline Mazet

RA/QA Manager

Cyril Cauchois

IT Manager

Maxime Bascans

biochemistry engineer

Thomas Fontanilles

Innovative projects manager

Aurélien Mertz

electronic engineer

Manon Pisseloup

Digital Products Manager

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